Friday, November 20, 2015

The end of 2015.


Assalammualaikum! Hey it's been a very very very long time since my last post. I've actually deleted all my post. PT3 are over. I thought that I can get home earlier like the other f3s used to. But theeeeen, MARA changed the plan, we have to stay at school for a month for MIGTY. UGH.

So there's a lot of things and memories that I've learn through 2013-2015. I've list all of them since October but I have not finish them yet huhu.

1)  Not everyone gonna like you. Keep being yourself and chin up!
2) Drink plenty of plain water. Coffee, tea, yoghurt would be fine.
3) Wake up early fir Subh prayer and start your day. Don't sleep! If you really want to sleep, sleep before Zuhr.
4) Perform Dhuha prayer if you have free time, even you don't have free time, try to find time.
5) Remember to say Alhamdulillah for everything you have today.
6) Call your parents at least once every 3 days. So you will not regret!
7) Cry if you really wanted to. Switch off the lights, cover yourself with blanket and cry. Make sure you don't cry for the same reason after you've finished everthing.
8) Be silly, take silly selfies of yourself, friend and families!
9) Take jumping pictures with your friends so you will always remember how happy you were.
10) Do qabliah and ba'diah prayer. It would help you in dunya and akhirah.
11) Give something you love, not something you don't want. Example, if someone asked for donation always think how much money do you have in your purse that you wanted to use for junk foods or unimportant things? Donate that one, there are plenty of people who need the money out there. If a cat come to you when you are eating at DS, give some of your food, i'm sure, you won't regret them 😸
12) Hear to all kind of songs and understand the the lyrics. No matter if it's in english.
13) Laugh out loud when you're happy, you can scream if you really want to; express your feelings.
14) Be with yourself; write everything happened in the whole day. Write it on a book. Use colour pencils.
15) Appreciate your family and friends. Show them how you appreaciate them, especially friends who always listen to yous sad stories, weird dreams and who can stay with you and who are afraid of losing you. 😊

So maybe I've list all of them, 15 things for 15 years I've lived.

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