Friday, March 18, 2016

Lost and sleepless nights.

Life at Muar without Aina is totally sad  Eventho I have Balqis :( I feel like I didnt manage time to be together like we used to. Form 4 life is totally a busy and tiring year. The first 3 months had been really tiring and I hope I can adapt with this. Maths and addmaths are getting really really hard without Aina. I seriously need her back!! I miss everyone and eveything back in the days in 2015. Even the ones that i cried and sigh to.

Sometimes I feel like giving up but then I remembered that I once told a story about Hajar and her Sa'i at surau on January.

I really miss everyone. Siblings and Fairuz 1315. I'm so lost. And its like im falling apart.

May all this hardworks, tears, and sleepless nights will be paid off soon xx

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