Sunday, December 11, 2016

December it is?

Loooooong time no write! So far, it has been a good year. 2015 had been a very great one, 2016 is not that though 🤗

Losing few friends last year, but this year I found few new friends that really worth keeping for hee. Never thought that I'll love them this much 😘

What happenned in June and July, all the conflicts and all the fights i did with Dani... lol, the lessons learned! The boy? We are back like usual but this feels towards him, fades sometimes 😔 If we never meant to be, then its okay. I put my trust on Allah.

We, the sidang team also had a catfight with the f5s but its okay, we arethe next f5 😜 whats good is, we finished the works!!! So glad. I love this people!!!!

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